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Disclaimer: If you are not sure on which update to use call 866.999.6954. LW is not and will not be responsible for any issues or down time caused by improper or incorrect use of any updates.

As of 4-15-2019

1: Version 5.0.10 NA RnB RRIB – For Models: ReAct/ELITE 1200/2880 RRIB NA, RRBB (RnB) As of Jan 2017 (ELITE Serial 2017-NA1-0089X and up)

New features and updates:

  • Add-LW function – This will allow you to add LW red light to any TLi treatment. This also allowed us to shorten the TLi treatment menu for easier navigation.
  • Software Updater Improvement – Displays text/status during update and performs several checks to make sure update is valid and applied.
  • Text updated to black – Easier to read
  • Fade-In function – On most treatments this function will fade-in or slowly increase the initial light intensity over a few seconds. This is help to transition from no light to full intensity light and avoid the “shock” of the initial light.
  • Various improvement and bug fixes


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