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Milly Durovic, Esq

I have been receiving Lightwave Therapy treatments for the past 8 weeks for my injured finger that was partially amputated. I have had one LIGHTWAVE treatment per week and my finger’s functionality has continued to improve. Now, my finger bends, has improved circulation and the pain has been reduced substantially.

Anne Smith, ME & Owner

Topical Light Infusion has been a great advancement of LED therapy. LIGHTWAVE is the only company we have seen to truly have cutting edge protocols and products that allow you properly infusion skin care topicals into the skin. The results are awesome and our clients rave about it.

Kristi Groves

I can't believe how effective lightwave is. I did a series of treatments on my face and am so impressed on how much better my skin looks and feels just after a couple weeks. I have tried many other treatments for pigmentation and anti-aging in the past with minimal changes but now I know lightwave is the only option for me or anyone looking for great results.

Susan S

I noticed a difference after my first treatment. My skin tone was much more balanced and my skin felt so hydrated. I am very happy with my results and would recommend lightwave treatments to anyone looking to improve their overall skin appearance.

Miles H. Graivier, MD, FACS

LIGHTWAVE is the most impressive new modality that I have seen to date to treat loose skin, stretch marks, scars, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. I am pleased to have this part of my practice since 2003. The staff at Lightwave have been great and very helpful.

Paul Cenac, M.D.

It is without any reservation that I whole-heartedly recommend the LIGHTWAVE LED Systems to anyone interested in providing an effective, non-ablative, cost-cost efficient treatment for their clients that will result in definitive clinical skin quality improvement!

Wm, Philip Werschler, MD/FAAD

All in all, I am finding that the LIGHTWAVE is easy, practical, safe, and profitable in the medical spa setting of Aesthetic Image.

Trio Skin Care

We bought our first LIGHTWAVE system in 2006 and not only do we get amazing results, we were able to bring in over $64k in revenue in just one quarter. We now have 3 units that are constantly busy all day and couldn’t be more pleased with that decision. . If you’re looking for a true professional LED system than LIGHWTAVE is your best and only choice.

Dale Mock M.D.

After conducting several studies, the Lightwave has proven to be an asset to our practice. One of our first studies was on a client with Flaccid Skin on her stomach. After only 10 treatments she lost over inch on her stomach. The texture and appearancehad improved dramatically and the client was very pleased with the results.


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