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Cancer treatment can wear down the body even as it fights off cancer cells. At Arizona Integrative Medical Center’s cancer center, we can augment your treatment for cancer through the use of alternative therapy. We’ll work alongside the medical practitioners handling your treatment of cancer, allowing you the chance to rebuild your immune system with help of naturopathic medical doctor and homeopathic physician Dr. Paul Stallone. We’ve helped those undergoing breast cancer treatment, lung cancer treatment, leukemia treatment, treatment for lymphoma and more. Learn more about our therapeutic options today. Treatment of cancer should be all-encompassing. Naturopathic medical doctor and homeopathy physician Dr. Paul Stallone has helped many in the midst of breast cancer treatment, treatment for lymphoma, lung cancer treatment, leukemia treatment and more. Our goal is to help those undergoing cancer treatments on a physical and emotional level. If you’re undergoing treatment for cancer you know how important it is to build a strong foundation to help the body heal. Dr. Paul Stallone and the naturopath medical doctors and homeopath physicians here are uniquely qualified to help those undergoing treatment of cancer achieve that foundation.

Millions of women suffer from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other eating disorders. But did you know that an estimated 10 to 15 percent of eating disorder sufferers are men? Celebrities such as Elton John, Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton have gone public with their battles with disordered eating. And according to recent studies, male eating disorders are on the rise as men feel more pressure to conform to an ideal standard of beauty. However, because eating disorders are considered more of a woman’s condition, most male sufferers don’t pursue treatment out of shame.

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Our Phoenix DUI attorney can provide you with the experience and knowledge needed for qualified representation. An experienced Arizona DUI lawyer is vital in cases of driving while intoxicated and our DWI attorneys set that standard. If you’re in need of a criminal defense, our Arizona criminal attorneys are ready to assist you. Let our Phoenix DUI lawyers and Phoenix criminal attorneys serve you. Our Arizona DUI attorneys and Arizona criminal lawyers are available for representation of your driving while intoxicated case. Experienced DWI attorneys protect and enforce your rights when you need it most. Learn more about how our Arizona criminal attorneys and Arizona DUI lawyers can assist you in formulating a defense by contacting our office.

Scottsdale doctor and physician Paul Stallone provides alternative medicine, homeopathy, and holistic naturopath treatments including cancer treatment, thyroid treatments, weight loss programs, nutritional counseling, and more. This skilled and compassionate Scottsdale naturopathic physician/holistic doctor and his staff provide homeopathic solutions and naturopathic medicine treatments internationally as well as to Arizona patients in Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, and Mesa. What is the difference between a naturopathic/alternative medicine doctor and a medical doctor? A naturopath spends an additional two years studying natural medicine and remedies in order to practice using holistic principles and provide a multi-faceted wellness plan for your recovery.

Binge eating disorder or compulsive overeating is characterized by periods of uncontrolled, impulsive or continuous eating. Overeating help is available at our eating disorder treatment center. At our recovery center, eating disorder help comes in the form of “whole-person” care for the mind, body and spirit. Binge eating treatment and overeating therapy can help you to overcome the shame often associated with this issue, and to begin moving forward to a healthier way of living. Discover effective and individualized binge eating help and overeating therapy at A Place of Hope. You’ll feel loved and accepted at our recovery center as you receive eating disorder help tailored to your issues. Isn’t it time to ask for the binge eating treatment you deserve? Turn to A Place of Hope for binge eating disorder treatment and compulsive overeating help. Are your eating cycles impulsive and out of control? Consult with our recovery center for eating disorder help and learn recovery is possible. Make plans to change for the better at our eating disorder treatment center.

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We ride, and we care. Because we ride, we know the dynamics of a motorcycle accident, and know the problems you face on the road. We know that there are still some people out there who have out-dated attitudes about �bikers� affecting what you may face in a court of law. Whether you ride a super bike, sport bike, Harley or chopper, we will fight for your rights and to get you the compensation for your motorcycle accident that you deserve.  Our motorcycle law firm has a 98% success rate for all retained cases. You deserve the best!

New natural molluscum treatment is an FDA approved homeopathic formula.

70% of our 500 Yaz clients have suffered a gall bladder disease, and most have had gall bladder removal as a result of Yaz side effects. Other birth control side effects include Yaz heart attacks, Yasmin pulmonary embolisms, Yaz blood clots, and even death. Our Yaz lawyers are here to help those afflicted by a Yasmin injury. Learn more about filing a Yaz class act lawsuit. The increase in Yasmin injury cases is no surprise given the many birth control side effects related to this drug.

Our California brain injury attorney has successfully handled hundreds of California head injury accident cases and has extensive experience and knowledge of the issues involved. We know how to present a successful case in order to obtain maximum monetary compensation for our clients. We hire the most qualified investigative experts and we obtain for our clients the best medical experts and specialists available. We personally interview every witness and fully investigate every brain injury case. Call our Los Angeles brain injury lawyer today.

Relaxation Drink
Reduce stress, improve your mood and stay focused with Tranquila Original supplement drinks.

Natural Human Growth Hormone
Through scientific development we have made a superior product that we are now able to bring to you at the lowest market prices with 20% extra HGH in every bottle. There has been no better time to kick-start your health with HGH.

If you are injured or suffered Bladder Sling side effects from the Gynecare Prolift or Bard Avaulta mesh products, please contact us immediately.  Remember, there are time limitations for you or your loved one to bring claim on a bladder sling lawsuit.  If you do not bring a timely legal claim , your rights to bring a claim could be barred.  Our law firm is highly experienced in representing clients who suffered side effects due to a defective medical product.  We are actively reviewing vaginal mesh and bladder sling side effect cases nationwide. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to these mesh or sling products, please contact our bladder sling injury attorneys immediately or complete the contact form on the right.  We are contingency lawyers and will take your case on a contingency basis.  This means there is never any cost to you unless we first obtain a recovery.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Warehouse
An online consumer’s guide to essential oils. Including information on the many types and brands of oils for massage and aromatherapy.

Medical Billing Companies
A medical billing company can help your practice by keeping your records up to date and even do the collections process. Learn more by visiting our website.

Asthma Symptoms and Treatment
Information about asthma signs, symptoms and common treatments used.

Acne Treatments and Skin Care
Find simple methods commonly used in acne treatment and healthy skin care.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils
An online guide for learning about massage oils, including how to give a massage.

Goji Juice
All about the goji juice. Discusses the plants, berries, benefits and scams of this new popular drink.

About Medical Equipment Leasing
A consumer’s guide to medical equipment leasing. Including information on the many manufacturers of medical equipment lease.

About Different Types of Sleep Disorders
An educational source of information about the many types of sleep disorders..

About Mangosteen Juice
Offers information on the benefits of this new health drink and where you can buy it.

Contact Lenses
Source of information about the many types of contacts and contact lens care.

Healthy Diet
Lose, gain or maintain weight while eating ample amounts of fabulous food with our customized meal service.

Your Pure Diet
Easy diet and fitness plan 5 days a week for 4 weeks to loose 20 lbs (10 kg)

A wide selection of CPR supplies and equipment to provide complete CPR emergency response including face shields, gloves, wipes and many other CPR products.

We all have down days when our world seems less than ideal. From a bad day at work to a fight with a family member or friend, any number of circumstances can trigger emotions that leave us feeling unhappy. As noted by The Center for Counseling Health Resources Inc., it is when these feelings persist over an extended period of time that there should be cause for concern that it could be clinical depression.

Nursing homes are critical to many seniors, but when is the right time for this type of senior care? You want to be sure senior services like nursing home care, assisted living, retirement homes, skilled nursing convalescent homes or facilities for Alzheimers care and Dementia care, in Agoura, Beverly Hills, San Fransisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, Ventura, Sacramento, California, are appropriate.

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Dental Success Marketing and Periodontal Success Marketing were founded to help general dentists, periodontists and other dental specialists increase their profitability utilizing both internal and dental practice advertising. Because of my extensive experience in marketing, I�ve learned what works and what doesn�t work. I incorporate a wide variety of time-tested, proven and guaranteed methods into all the dental marketing seminars, DVD�s and customized ads I�ve developed.

We are a team of highly committed individuals dedicated to providing quality therapeutic treatment related to all mental health and chemical dependency issues. Specializing in the development of individualized treatment plans for all clients, our goal is to assist others in attaining whole person health. We are leaders in our field. We have an Intensive Treatment Recovery Program for Depression, Eating Disorders, Relationship Issues, Sexual Issues, and Trauma Issues. We have a specialized Spiritual Intensive Program for those in ministry. Call for details, we have a select team that specializes in caring for pastors.

Arizona orthopedic doctors are who we are, and we are proud to be your Scottsdale and Phoenix orthopedic surgery doctors. Contact an Arizona orthopedic physician here who is experienced and competent today! Our staff of orthopedic surgeons can ably treat orthopedic injuries which may require arthroscopic surgery. The specialists in our center treat injuries such as fractures and tears involving the:  Should you injure yourself playing such high-impact sports as tennis, baseball, football, basketball, golf, or running, our Arizona orthopedic doctors are fellowship-trained to treat a variety of adult and pediatric injuries and conditions.

As a holistic M.D., Linda Wright holds a respected place as a doctor in Phoenix. Arizona alternative medicine is well-represented by holistic M.D. Linda Wright, a Scottsdale pain doctor, and natural medicine and internal medicine specialist. As a respected Phoenix, AZ holistic doctor, Dr. Wright treats post-partum depression, type 2 diabetes, and a range of other chronic illnesses quite effectively. If aPhoenix doctor who uses integrated medicine is what you’re seeking, look no further.